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For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

High School Choir
Sight-Singing Procedures

Sight-Singing Procedures
The procedures for the sight-singing portion of the auditions are outlined below.
  1. After the audition cuts have been played in the warm up area, the procedures for sight- singing will be read aloud. Students may ask questions at this time.
  2. After performing selections in the audition room, the recording will initiate the sight-reading process. Every student must sight-sing. Failing to remain in the room for sight-singing will result in disqualification.
  3. Students may not talk to anyone who has finished auditioning and they must stand far enough away from the audition room door so they cannot hear the preceding student.
  4. The recording will instruct the student to remove the cover sheet and reveal the sight- singing example. Students may not write on the sight-singing example. The student will hear the Tonic triad [Do-Mi-So-Mi- Do-(low)So-Do or 1-3-5-3-1-(low)5-1] played to establish the key for the exercise, after which they may begin practicing. Students will have 45 seconds to practice the selection. Singing aloud during practice is recommended. After 45 seconds, the student will hear "Please stop." Students will hear the tonic triad again, after which they will have 30 seconds to perform the exercise. After 30 seconds, the student will hear "Please stop," and be asked to replace the cover sheet. Here is an exact script of what the student will hear when the CD is played:
    • "Please remove the cover sheet to reveal the sight-singing example."
    • Tonic Chord is played [Do-Mi-So-Mi-Do-(low)So-Do or 1-3-5-3-1-(low)5-1].
      "Begin the practice period."

      45 seconds to practice

      "Please stop."
    • Tonic Chord is played again. "Begin."
      30 seconds to perform.
      "Please stop. Replace the cover sheet over the example and thank-you for auditioning today."
  5. Student practice will not be considered as part of the rating. The student should attempt to sing (not hum) the sample as correctly and as smoothly as possible. A point is awarded for each half measure chunk sung correctly. Zero points, if no chunks are correct. Students will no longer receive an overall score of 1 point for simply attempting the example. If a student sings the example perfectly the first time, an extra "flow" point is given. The student may attempt the exercise as many times as they wish during the 30 seconds. Their best score will be one used for their audition. Students may NOT discuss the sample with other students or sing the exercise after leaving the room.
Sight-Singing Exercise Details
  • All exercises will be 4 measures in length, beginning and ending on the tonic.
  • Exercises for each of the four parts will be different, tailored to the appropriate range of the part.
    • Soprano in E-flat Major
    • Alto in D Major
    • Tenor in E-flat Major
    • Bass in D Major
  • All exercises will consist largely of stepwise melodic material with a few leaps of the third, fourth or fifth. Basses may expect the cadential octave.
  • All exercises will be diatonic, that is, in the key specified without accidentals.
  • All exercises may include a dotted rhythm after the first chunk.
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