High School Orchestra

High School Orchestra


Please plan to attend the ECKMEA Fall Meeting on Tuesday, September 10, at Gardner Edgerton High School. Sign-up on the ECKMEA home page by Sep. 9 at 4:00 PM.

Students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 may audition for ECKMEA HS Orchestra. Students in grades 9-12 that make the District orchestra and participate in the ECKMEA December mini-convention at Olathe South High School will be eligible to audition at KMEA Instrumental Live Auditions.

Entries will be accepted by ECKMEA according to the schedule below. Register audition entries in the KMEA Members site.
Generate your fee invoice using the ECKMEA Invoice Generator.
Registration deadlines (all times 11:59:59 PM CST except on audition day):
  • Oct. 9 - regular deadline - $10 per audition
  • Oct. 23 - Late deadline #1 - $25 per audition
  • Nov. 8 - Late deadline #2 - $50 per audition
  • Nov. 9 - Late deadline #3 - $100 per audition

Auditions will be held Saturday, November 9 at Olathe East High School Audition excerpts and scales are available for download at the KMEA website. ksmea.org/hsorchestra/excerpts/ Teachers are expected to be a part of the audition process and to help out with the event. Sign ups will be available at the ECKMEA meeting. Blind Auditions (students can dress comfortably). Encouraged to bring a music stand (for warm up area). There will be snacks available for purchase.
7:00 AM - Director Meeting. Follow signs to find location of orchestra directors room.
7:30 AM - Student Registration

The ECKMEA Orchestras rehearsal/performance will be held on Saturday, December 7, at Olathe South High School. Students are expected to wear their school's concert uniform (black dress or tuxedo). Literature will be chosen soon and practice copies will be sent to directors in November.

If chosen for the District Orchestra, students are expected to participate for the entire event- NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note that the first Saturday in December is a popular testing day, and a student must be present for the entire convention to be eligible to audition for state orchestra. Please make arrangements to NOT test on the convention date if planning to audition for state orchestra.

Schedule and more information to come!
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