Outstanding Music Educator

In an effort to make the Outstanding Music Educator of the Year Awards for the East Central KMEA District more prestigious, the board as elected to change the procedure for nominations and selection of teachers to earn the award.

Each year, KMEA Districts honor music educators for outstanding teaching at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels as Outstanding District Music Educators (for band, orchestra and choir). Those teachers are then considered for the state award, which is awarded by KMEA Leadership at the Annual In-Service Workshop each February. The state honoree is featured in the Kansas Music Review and their biography is placed on the KMEA state website.

The East Central District-Level Nomination Process
  • Any East Central district music educator, at any level, may nominate a fellow music teacher for the following awards:
    • Outstanding Elementary Music Educator
    • Outstanding Middle Level Choir Teacher
    • Outstanding Middle Level Band Teacher
    • Outstanding Middle Level Orchestra Teacher
    • Outstanding High School Choir Teacher
    • Outstanding High School Band Teacher
    • Outstanding High School Orchestra Teacher
  • Qualifications for the nominee are:
    • Must have been in teaching for at least ten years.
    • Must be a member of KMEA.
    • Program must have shown improvement and/or consistency over the years.
  • Nominations are accepted the last two weeks of August, prior to the ECKMEA Annual September Business Meeting. Nominations will cease September 9, 2020.
    • Nominations should be submitted to the ECKMEA President using the ECKMEA District Nomination Form.
    • Nominations will be put to a vote of the membership in the KMEA Members website (linked below).
The East Central District-Level Voting Process
  • East Central KMEA District teachers must have an active NAfME Membership ID in order to vote.
  • Go to the KMEA Members website (members.ksmea.org) where you will complete the following:
    • Create an account
    • Declare your KMEA District
    • Vote for Outstanding Teachers of the Year at any/all levels (band, choir and orchestra)
  • The District President will notify Outstanding Teachers by September 25 if they have been selected as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year. In addition, these teachers will be honored and recognized at our December Mini-Conventions.
  • The President-Elect will notify your school district administration of your accolade. In addition, your administration will be invited to attend the December Mini-Convention Concert, free of charge, where you will be recognized for your contribution to Music Education!
Nomination to State-level award
If you are the district's nominee for the KMEA State-Level award, the District President will contact you and request the following documentation.
  1. The information needed from the state nominee includes a) the completed STATE Nomination Form, b) a resume; c) a letter from the nominee stating his/her philosophy of music education; d) a digital photo of the nominated teacher (high resolution preferred, minimum pixel size 150w x 200h); and, e) up to TEN letters from parents, colleagues, students, administrators, community members, alumni, etc. that support your outstanding teaching.
  2. All materials must be in the hands of the President by September 20.
  3. The District President will submit all recognition materials to the KMEA Vice President by October 1.
Only one District-level Outstanding Music Educator will be considered for the State Music Educator Award.