High School Treble Choir Roster


School Name Voice
De Soto
  Elizabeth Ashley A2
  Alex Bonilla A1
  Mallory Charcut A1
  Elaine Jensen A2
  Sophia Krauskopf S1
  Jessica Souvannakhot S2
Lenexa-St. James Academy
  Isabel Robb S1
  Clare Rosa S1
  Summer Darpinian S2
  Tenley Frederick A1
  Olivia Hollan A2
  Madeline King S2
  Lindsey Peterson S1
  Grace Robison S1
  Madison Swafford A2
  Madison Troup A1
  Lila Wojcik S1
Olathe-Heritage Christian Academy
  Emma Hildebrand A2
  Elise Parr S2
  Ella Bentley S1
  Camille Korte A2
  Calista Stegner S2
  Parker Vanhooser A1
  Leah Abai S1
  Sydney Elmore A1
  Carlee Elsner S1
  Kendall Ficken S1
  Sydney Gansman S2
  Elise Heidrick S2
  Morgan Jaeger A1
  Makayla Morgan A1
  Sydney Morgan A1
  Moira Mullen A2
  Emma Pefley A1
  Bailey Pickard S2
  Elisa Giles S2
  Molly McBride S2
  Morgyn Miesner A1
  Maya Snyder S2
  Loren Spellman S1
  Bethany Todd A1
  Aluet Yel A2
  Olivia Cupp-Korb A2
  Lexie Eckles S2
  Kaitlyn Knight S2
  Meredith McCalmon A1
  Belle Butcher A2
Overland Park-Blue Valley
  Anna Bajich A1
  Harper Clark A2
  Brynn Friesen S1
  Caroline Keidel S1
  Erika Kolseth A1
  Lydia Schwartz A2
  Emily Warren S1
Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  Lily Canent A2
  Madison Dean S2
  Gabrielle Fulford A1
  Sydney Kauphusman S2
  Lauren Novak A1
  Maggie Ruckman A1
Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  Amber Follett S2
  Kimberly Gibson A1
  Sumner Herold S1
  Natalie Policky S2
  Hayley Riddle S1
  Maya Welde S1
Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
  Shreya Bhatia S2
  Carolyn Brotherson A2
  Amy McKinsey A1
  Emma Smith S1
Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  McKenna Bizal S2
  Faith Holbrook A1
  Ellen Kryer S1
  Lillie Large S1
  Elise Vaughan A1
  Ashley Waruingi S1
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
  Reagan Arnold A2
  Addison Ruder A2
  Lainie Simpson A1
  Maddy Terril S1
  Haley Fawbush A2
  Kiara Howard A2
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege
  Isabella Ayala S1
  Cara Parisi A1
Shawnee Mission-North
  Berenice Bernal S2
  Ella Gibson A2
  Kailey Green A1
  Naomi Hart S2
  Olivia Morris A1
  Savannah Nolte A1
Shawnee Mission-South
  Gwyneth Brown S1
  Maria Heath S2
Shawnee Mission-West
  Ella Barth S2
  Natalia Botello A2
  Claire Deardorff S2
  Tania Smith A2
  Beatrice Turley A2
  Samantha Wallenburg S1
Shawnee-Mill Valley
  Grace Cormany A2
  Violet Hentges A2
  Taylor Moss S2
  Hayley O'Keefe S1
Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
  Anne Borberg S2
  Megan Freeman S2
  Margaret Qualls S1
  Caitlin Sanders A2
Jon Duncan
Shawnee Mission South HS
5800 W. 107th St
Overland Park, KS 66207
w: 913-993-7576

Important Dates - HS Choir
Sep. 8, 2020 - Tue
Annual Business Meeting
via Zoom
5:30 - Mentoring meet & greet
6:30 - General Business & break-out meetings
Oct. 11, 2020 - Sun
Audition Registration deadline — HS Choir
Oct. 25, 2020 - Sun
Audition registration - Late deadline #1 — HS Choir
Nov. 4, 2020 - Wed
Audition registration - Late deadline #2 — All HS Ensembles
Video entries due by this date (late entries will not be accepted)
Nov. 4, 2020 - Wed
HS Honor Group Video Audition Entry Deadline
Late entries will not be accepted
Nov. 7, 2020 - Sat
HS Honor Group Recorded Audition Judging
Gardner-Edgerton HS
ECKMEA chairs, judges, room monitors, & tabulators only (no students)
Dec. 5, 2020 - Sat
ECKMEA Mini-Conventions
Choir: Shawnee Mission NWHS
Orchestra: Olathe West HS (new site)
Band: Blue Valley HS
In-person mini-conventions are cancelled

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