Middle Level Orchestra
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Middle Level Orchestra Roster


Each section is listed in alphabetical order.

Violin 1
  • Melanie Auld, Olathe-Sante Fe Trail MS
  • Dylan Becerra Vazquez, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Elena Bertrand, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Izzy Blythe, Leawood MS
  • Aurora Bradt, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Jake Callen, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Kate Cline, Shawnee-Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic
  • Shubham Dahal, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Joe Hanzelka, Olathe-Sante Fe Trail MS
  • Raina Hilaly, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Aiden Kim, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Amy Kim, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Emma Lloyd, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Taylor Matthaei, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Bailey McConnell, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Sam Morris, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Maren Moss, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Rylan Newton, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Annie Nguyen, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Ava Otte, Spring Hill MS
  • Marcus Sha, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Micah Shah, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Zofia Spiewacki, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Paige Stetson, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Madylynn Strohm, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Rhys Stuebs, Spring Hill-Forest Spring MS
  • Ashlyn Tang, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Ayslie Thomas, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Piper Tipton, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Emmeline Walker, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Shirley Withers, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Ryan Zhao, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
Violin 2
  • Pranjal Adhikari, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Lainie Barton, Leawood MS
  • Prashanti Basnet, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Brenda Benitez, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Grace Bolton, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Joshua Buck, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Addie Clark, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Zella Curtis, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Penelope Devenny, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Emma Durland, Spring Hill-Forest Spring MS
  • Kimberly Eagle, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Elizabeth Erick, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Aurora Goldsmith, Leawood MS
  • Brooklyn Gresham, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Gracie Hillman, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Eleena Huang, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Aiden John, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Ali Khan, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Danielle McCullough, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Audrey Moll, Spring Hill MS
  • Campbell Parazin, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Mackenzie Sandman, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Emma Watters, Olathe-Sante Fe Trail MS
  • Cynthia Xu, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Olivia Anthony, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Margot Bergerat, Olathe-Sante Fe Trail MS
  • Aubrey Bishop, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Dominic Calderon Bautista, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Ashlyn Dean, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Conley Fitzhugh, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Henry Fu, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Quinn Haggard, Spring Hill-Forest Spring MS
  • Ami Jain, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Evan Kelting, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Caelyn Kinyon, Spring Hill-Forest Spring MS
  • Ezra Kwon, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Aleks Moret, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Sandra Phillips, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Sabana Prawiro, Spring Hill MS
  • Anna Qi, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Ashrika Rana, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Denisse Reyes, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Shriya Santhosh, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Philip Schultze, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Elizabeth Stewart, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Kendyl Stone, Spring Hill MS
  • Silas Volden, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Audrey Ward, Leawood MS
  • Kusayla Aggur, Spring Hill-Forest Spring MS
  • Kahlan Aguayo, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Bryan Alvarez, Olathe-Sante Fe Trail MS
  • Damary Aswani, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Liam Brown, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Tucker Burks, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Ethan Chen, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Curtis Clark, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Cosette Davenport, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Lily Davis, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Alaina Fainter, Spring Hill MS
  • Lyla Gatza, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Sophia Hatch, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Walker Jackson, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Varun Kabra, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Austin Kim, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Iggy Leitner, Spring Hill MS
  • Alyson Libbey, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Ethan Mann, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Joel McClelland, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Elizabeth Morris, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Eleanor Mulvenon, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Kate Nickel, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Nidhish Padmanaban, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Rithvik Parasker, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Clara Rohe, Leawood MS
  • Nolan Smith, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Emma Sorrels, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Madeleine Stewart, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Madison Swink, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Sadie Walstrom, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Brooklyn Wiggington, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Leah Worku, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Alexandra Bates, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Wesley Batson, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Fielding Brewster, Spring Hill-Forest Spring MS
  • Oliver Hudson, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Ishaan Jain, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Nihal Joseph, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Faith Lewis, Olathe-Sante Fe Trail MS
  • Odessa Pecaut, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Ella Rohe, Leawood MS
  • Raghav Saravanan, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Regan Soard, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
Elizabeth Copeland
Leawood MS
2410 W. 123rd St
Leawood, KS 66209
w: 913-239-5300
Important Dates - ML Orchestra
Aug. 27, 2024 - Tue
ECKMEA Business Meeting
Gardner-Edgerton HS
5:30 - Mentoring meet & greet
6:00 - Dinner
6:30 - General business
7:00 - Break-out meetings
Oct. 23, 2024 - Wed
Nomination Deadline — 7th/8th Orchestra, 5th/6th Orchestra
$12 participation fee per selected student
Dec. 7, 2024 - Sat
Choir: Shawnee Mission NWHS
Orchestra: Olathe West HS
Band: Blue Valley HS

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