Middle Level Orchestra
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Middle Level Orchestra Roster


Each section is listed in alphabetical order.

Violin 1
  • Noah Brune, Leawood MS
  • Joshua Burroughs, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Dinah Chapman, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Shana George, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Olly Glynn, Leawood MS
  • Adelyn Gustafson, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Ariana Hajirasoliha Ochoa, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Anika Hermreck, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Andrea Jiang, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Neil Joshi, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Yad Kamla, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Andrew Knight, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Isla Koerner, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Caden Leavell, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Gabe Ledgerwood, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Yoseph Negash, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Mikayla Neo, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Arraya Outhonesak, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Rhiann Owens, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Annabelle Owens, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Isabelle Paul, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Addison Pond, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Natalie Rice, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Myra Richey, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Saige Stallbaumer, Spring Hill MS
  • Natalie Taylor, Spring Hill MS
  • Olivia Wang, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Benji Wolf, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Hattie Young, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Brianna Zamora Mondragon, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
Violin 2
  • Dylan Becerra Vazquez, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Aurora Bradt, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Sophie Capps, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Ahana Chandra, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Onalee Chanthavong, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Katherine Chovanec, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Grayson Coover, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Penelope Devenny, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Carter Evans, Spring Hill MS
  • Elli Gonzalez, Leawood MS
  • Addison Hartley, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Zahara Howard, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Peyton Howard, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Autumn Hunley, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Beau Kalkman, De Soto-Lexington Trail MS
  • Megan Koenig, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Rylin Kurtz, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Emma Lloyd, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Emme McGuire, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Binisha Mishra, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Iris Nagel, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Cooper Noland, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Sohan Rayannagari, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Milind Renju, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Jackson Roberts, Spring Hill MS
  • Ariel Yeh, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Aanya Arbol, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Margot Bergerat, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Caeden Boren, Spring Hill MS
  • Alexa Bowers, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Dominic Calderon Bautista, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • David Casas, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Prisha Dalal, Leawood MS
  • Ashlyn Dean, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Emery Edwards, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Ashley Edwards, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Angela Estefes, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Gabby Gracius, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Carolyne Graham, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Margo Lewis, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Millicent Lutt, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Breckin Martin, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Aliya McDonald, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Adriel Murambadoro, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Meghana Nandula, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Kamaria Phommachanh, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Sarah Rice, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Alyson Rubalcava, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Elliott Terry, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Silas Volden, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Leo Walton, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Elizabeth Waterman, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Abby Williams, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Oliver Yeung, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Srikar Ayyalasomayajula, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Paul Burfeind, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Gabriella Campbell, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Molly Chaffee, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Lucas Combs, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Erika Costas Zambrana, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Cosette Davenport, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Natalie Dumler-Montplaisir, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Ruth Duncan, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Ava Galvan, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Chloe Han, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Hannah Kerr, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Aliyah Lawrence, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Alyson Libbey, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Samantha Matejicka, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Colton Northup, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Emily Patterson, Leawood MS
  • Ethan Reimer, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Olivia Rice, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Wyatt Ricker, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Gabriel Roman Chavez, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Cole Shyver, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Christian Staples, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Zoey Starke, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Camden Strickland, Olathe-Woodland Spring MS
  • Jenna Trast, Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  • Madison Wang, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Ethan Willey, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Natalie Woerdehoff, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Leah Worku, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Jack Bradshaw, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Lina Cornejo, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Kamryn Fisher, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Bailey Kruse, Spring Hill MS
  • Alex Perez-Martinez, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Kiera Roberts, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Ella Rohe, Leawood MS
  • Emmaleah Sheehan, Overland Park-Indian Woods MS
  • Amogh Vaddiparthi, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Bryson Werner, Overland Park-Oxford MS
Sheri Cain
Leawood-Prairie Star MS
14201 Mission Rd
Leawood, KS 66224
w: 913-239-5600
Important Dates - ML Orchestra
Oct. 26, 2022 - Wed
Nomination Deadline — 7th/8th Orchestra, 5th/6th Orchestra
$12 participation fee per selected student
Dec. 3, 2022 - Sat
HS Choir: Shawnee Mission NWHS
ML/Elem Choirs: Shawnee Mission North HS
Orchestra: Olathe West HS
Band: Blue Valley HS

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