Elementary Orchestra
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Elementary Orchestra Roster


Each section is listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Violin I
  • Samantha Austin, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Oliver Barnhart, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Josh Buck, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Hannah Cha, Overland Park-Blue River Elem.
  • Hazel Crowe, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Alisson Diaz Rodriguez, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Corinne Graves, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Olivia Harris, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Trenton Jones, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Zen Khoang, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Sloan Klaus, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Jackson Lavicky, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Zachary Lee, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Justin Luangkhot, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Ariana Moibi, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Betul Oran, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Anirudh Rajan, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Mackenzie Sandman, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Adinath Sudheer, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Joseph Taylor, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Kaylee Wang, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Emma Williams, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Madison Yoon, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
Violin II
  • Genesis Aguirre-Gomez, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Grace Anders, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Callie Berg, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Abigail Bird, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Cameryn Bowman, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Jacob Cheon, Overland Park-Blue River Elem.
  • Evelyn Christensen, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Aland Kamla, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Analie Knighton, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Jasal Malhi, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Sanjeeva Manimuthu, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Zoe Mellgren, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Trinity Murphy, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Trinity Sysengrat, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Aryan Tala, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Donnajo Thomas, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Sarah Uloa, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Ozzy Chen, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Landon Culbertson, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Hannah Derr, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Nisah Hathiari, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Sara Klaas, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Charlotte Kohmetscher, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Allie Mann, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Mariah MCMillian, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Addie Mitts, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Tiffany Mwangi, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Rifaya Siddique, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Emanuel Silva, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Aryaa Vats, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Sierra Wells, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Adalyn Woerdehoff, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Mason Wynn, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Abdullah Al Faili, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Wyatt Broeckelman, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Avery Bushouse, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Summer Chambless, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Maesie Cox, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Tanner Fugett, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Yuwei Gao, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Alex Howerton, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Halo Jenkins-Reyes, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Jacob Jercha, Leawood-Prairie Star MS
  • Roberto Kasper, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Aaron Kroh, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Mira McCollough, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Areen Ojha, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Byrnes Parker, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Sophia Rice, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Reid Richey, Overland Park-Blue Valley MS
  • Liem Rohlena, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Leah Thull, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Eric Bierman, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Myla Bridgewater, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Nathaniel Gieseke, Overland Park-Oxford MS
  • Tulsi Gupta, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Emma Ice, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Jovan Kumbukani, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Charanaashrith Sadige, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Raghav Saravanan, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Ethan Walker, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
Danny Lytle
Olathe-East HS
14545 W 127th St
Olathe, KS 66062
w: 913-780-7120
Important Dates - Elem. Orchestra
Oct. 26, 2022 - Wed
Nomination Deadline — 7th/8th Orchestra, 5th/6th Orchestra
$12 participation fee per selected student
Dec. 3, 2022 - Sat
HS Choir: Shawnee Mission NWHS
ML/Elem Choirs: Shawnee Mission North HS
Orchestra: Olathe West HS
Band: Blue Valley HS

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