Treble Honor Choir Rehearsal Notes


Sesere Eeye
All singers should learn the melody. Singers learning the soprano part in two-part music should also learn Harmony 1, singers assigned to the alto part should also learn Harmony 2. Don't worry about learning any of the suggested actions in advance. We will learn these movements together.

I Am
Beginning at M. 13 Sopranos only needs to learn the top line and Altos only need to learn the bottom line (i.e. we won't all sing each part)


I Love The Mountains

All "stomp stomp clap, stomp stomp clap" sections - like m. will be right foot only "R R clap, R R clap" (same at m. 67-end)
All stomps until page 8 will be light, not (super) loud
M. 46 - 54 will be alternating and louder "Here I stand, R L R, on the earth, hey oh, standing tall, R L R, on the earth, hey oh, R L clap clap, R L clap clap, R L clap clap, R L R" (and so on)
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