Middle Level Orchestra

Middle Level Orchestra Roster


Each section is listed in alphabetical order.

Violin 1
  • Yara Aljubran, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Colten Barnes, Olathe-Chisholm Trail MS
  • Hadley Booze, Spring Hill MS
  • Albert Chen, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Allie Clayton, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Bella Conley, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Isabel Fulcher, Leawood MS
  • Aadit Gupta, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Josie Hansen, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Masha Kinder, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Destiny Mitchell, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Macy Moore, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Marisela Morales, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Jaden Osman, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Rhiann Owens, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Cooper Peyton, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • JoJo Satchell, Spring Hill MS
  • Victoria St. Denis, Prairie Star MS
  • William Suh, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Truett Van Slyke, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Yiqiao Wang, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Gracie Wilson, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Jason Yan, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
Violin 2
  • Addy Bartlett, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Zoey Bowman, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Anaya Cham, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Wesley Chang, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Jagruti Chirrareddy, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Gavyn Chovanec, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • William DeArmond, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Austin Gregg, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Joslyn Hasty, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Chase Howerton, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Ryan Huska, Leawood MS
  • Shuyun Li, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Yesenia Lopez, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Payton Lyman, Olathe-Chisholm Trail MS
  • Kian O'Shea, Spring Hill MS
  • Myla Pendergast, Shawnee-Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic
  • Onali Perera, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Trisha Raja, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Ava Rosner, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Sebastian Salinas, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Ava Sambo, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Sai Suresh, Prairie Star MS
  • Kelly Thompson, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Benji Wolf, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Addison Yazbec, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Lucas Behrends, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Sanyia Bhale, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Rylan Bolejack, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Jester Butler, Leawood MS
  • Alison Chung, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Brianna Crowder, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Taryn Dale, Prairie Star MS
  • Emery Edwards, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Marbin Frutos- Ramirez, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Lily Hennkens, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Matthew Hohmann, Olathe-Chisholm Trail MS
  • Aiden Johnson, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Katie Jones, Spring Hill MS
  • Ava Key, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Andrew Kushner, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Joseph Leathers, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Amber Liau, Prairie Star MS
  • Joanna Liu, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Brady Macey, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Audrey McCoy, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Aliya McDonald, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Ben Scott, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Meron Taffese, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Xavier Turner, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Henry Ard, Leawood MS
  • Nixon Banister, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Danielly Batista, Olathe-Chisholm Trail MS
  • Darby Braatz, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Hallie Griffin, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Chloe Han, Overland Park-Lakewood MS
  • Spencer Hare, Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  • Valerie Hernandez-Vara, Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  • Aubrey King, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  • Dominic Marroquin, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Ava Middleton, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Emma Pogorek, Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  • Milo Powell, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Sammy Song, Overland Park-Overland Trail MS
  • Zachary Sonsthagen, Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  • Lillian Theis, Shawnee-Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic
  • Elyse Yung, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Melika Zabet, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Jack Bradshaw, Overland Park-Harmony MS
  • Liala Brandenburg, Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  • Makayla Cox, Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  • Emyrald Dabdee, Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  • Katelyn Kelly, Olathe-Chisholm Trail MS
  • Taylor Koch, Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  • Brandon Lewis, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  • Rowan Lloyd, Stilwell-Blue Valley MS
  • Ethan Steiner, Overland Park-Aubry Bend MS
  • Abby Williams, Olathe-Indian Trail MS
Sheri Cain
Important Dates - ML Orchestra
Aug. 30, 2022 - Tue
Annual Business Meeting
Gardner-Edgerton HS
5:30 - Mentoring meet & greet
6:30 - General Business & break-out meetings
Oct. 26, 2022 - Wed
Nomination Deadline — 7th/8th Orchestra, 5th/6th Orchestra
Dec. 3, 2022 - Sat
HS Choir: Shawnee Mission NWHS
ML/Elem Choirs: Shawnee Mission North HS
Orchestra: Olathe West HS
Band: Blue Valley HS & Blue Valley North HS

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